Tuesday 4 February 2014

The Third Thames Bridge Debate

All my life people have been battling for or against a third Thames bridge.  With the ongoing closure of Sonning Bridge due to the massive rainfall we've seen over the last few weeks, this is the hot topic on people's minds.

This Thursday Rob Wilson MP is chairing a public meeting to debate the issues to see if progress can be made.

On the one hand it is believed to be the way to reduce the quantity of traffic travelling through central Reading, by creating a more direct route across the Thames for those coming off the A3290 from Junction 10 of the M4, wishing to travel north and vice-versa.

Others contend that a third traffic bridge would only exacerbate the situation by encouraging more vehicles to use the roads, many of which are Oxfordshire country roads unfit for an increase of traffic.

Whichever side you are on, you have your opportunity to voice your opinions and listen to others.

Come along to Highdown School, Surley Row, Emmer Green, Reading, RG4 8LR.  The meeting kicks off at 7.30 pm with representatives from Reading, Wokingham and Oxfordshire councils this Thursday, 6th February.