Monday 16 October 2017

Petition Launched Against Reading Buses' Pink Routes Consultation

The 'Concerned of Caversham' local campaign group, set up last week after Reading Buses launched a consultation on proposed changes to the Caversham Pink bus routes, started a petition last night.

The petition entitled Halt the current Caversham Pink bus route proposals reads:
"We the undersigned urge Reading Buses (and Reading Borough Council who own Reading Buses) to halt the current proposals in their entirety for all Pink routes and to engage with community groups in advance of any future proposed changes."
If you agree and live locally/use the bus services, please sign

Sunday 15 October 2017

Pink Bus Route 22 Feedback

At Saturday afternoon's meeting convened by Fiona Pringle (who set up the Facebook campaign group Concerned of Caversham Reading Buses Consultation) local residents were encouraged to list out concerns about Reading Buses' proposed changes to bus services across Caversham.

I worked with those interested in Route No 22 as it is the service used by my Ward residents.  If readers know of additional concerns, please let me know by email to and I will pass them on to Fiona Pringle

Cutting out Priest Hill/The Mount/large portion of Albert Road deeply unpopular
  • Priest Hill too steep for many pedestrians (some carrying shopping)
  • The Cloisters’ elderly residents on Priest Hill would lose bus access
  • Extra Care Home on The Mount/Albert Rd soon to open reliant on bus access residents/visitors/workers
  • Access to library and other facilities in centre of Caversham for above residents
  • More direct to walk from southern end Albert Road but pedestrian access down St Peter’s Hill dangerously narrow and steep
  • Tried cutting out Priest Hill before: unsuccessfully
Diversion up Oakley Road
  • Congested road as route to several schools
  • Dangerous junction where Kidmore Road bisects Oakley Road, history of accidents.  Lollipop Lady employed for children’s safety
  • Problematic getting double deckers up Oakley Road’s hill in winter?
  • Parking in level section of Oakley Road congested. This would exacerbate the issue
Cutting out Highmore Road and section of A4074 also deeply unpopular
  • Stay a While club for elderly in Methodist Church Hall reliant on No 22
  • Extra distance and time to nearest bus stop for Upper Warren Avenue/west of A4074 big deterrent
  • Alternative Thameslink service frequently misses out sections of A4074 due to congestion
  • Reading Buses' season tickets not useable on Thames Travel
Diversion along Richmond Road
  • Richmond Road is very narrow, no space for parked vehicle on both sides
General points
  • Consultation too short, web only and its questionable legality
  • Reading Buses should first consult on why more people do not use the pink routes
  • By changing the 11 pm to 10.45 pm, bus pass holders could use it for free. This would align with the usual ¼ to the hour service
  • Reading Buses should take fresh look at pricing. Short distance passengers should pay less to incentivise using the bus
  • Link No 22 route to onwards route to RBH from same bus stop

Friday 13 October 2017

Have Your Say on Proposed Changes to Caversham's Buses

Reading Buses has launched a consultation about proposed changes to the pink bus routes which service Caversham.  The consultation closes on 31 October.  Details of the consultation can be viewed on Reading Buses' website.

Facebook group has been set up for those opposed to the proposed changes. UPDATE: A drop in meeting has been arranged in St Andrew's hall, St Andrew's Road at 4 pm tomorrow, Saturday 14 October. The purpose is to help raise awareness of Reading Buses' consultation and mobilise helpers.
Proposed Changes to Bus Routes, axing the number 24

The main changes for the number 22 which serves my Ward and the rest of Caversham Heights are:
  • Re-routed away from Priest Hill, The Mount and much of Albert Road, instead going further along Hemdean Road then up Oakley Road
  • Omitting stretch of the A4074 and Highmoor Road, instead turning into Richmond Road to loop back
  • Increased frequency to every 20 minutes (from every 30 minutes)
  • Converted to double deck buses
Revised Proposed Changes to Bus Routes
Further Update: Following critical responses to the above proposals, Reading Buses published a revised proposals.  Also due to pressure, the deadline has been extended to Friday 10 November.

Even if you responded to the original proposals, do please study the revised proposals before responding a second time.

Do either email your views to or put them in writing to: Caversham Consultation, Reading Buses, Great Knollys Street, Reading RG1 7HH.

Requests have been made to Reading Buses to hold a public meeting. If and when a date is fixed I will update this post.

Chance to Win Money by Recycling More Glass

In order to raise recycling rates the re3 waste partnership has launched a prize draw for groups (eg school, local charity or community group) to win up to £1000.  

There will be 5 winners in each area: Bracknell Forest, Reading and Wokingham.  Fill out the application form for a chance to win!

Groups have been asked to commit to taking glass to re3 bring banks, thereby decreasing the amount currently chucked into residual waste which goes to landfill.  Not only is it better for glass to be recycled, but it also saves the tax payer money.

More information can be found on re3's website.