Sunday 16 June 2019

How Reading Borough Council will review the Highmoor/Albert Road junction changes

I've blogged before about Council officer feedback following the changes made to the Highmoor/Albert Road junction.

On behalf of several of my residents I asked "if and when officers are going to review the changes and, if the answer is that they have no plans to review it, what would it take for them to change their minds?"

Below is the response:
"Attempts to install potential solutions to the historic road safety issue at this junction have been the subject of significant correspondence, debate, committee reporting and discussion with residents and campaign groups for many years. Proposed solutions have been met with considerable opposition, but we have now managed to deliver a phased scheme to address the road safety issue.

"This is a road safety scheme, so we will be reviewing it on the basis of monitoring a hopeful reduction or removal of incidents involving casualties at the junction, particularly those arising from motorists driving through the STOP on the eastbound Highmoor Road approach – this has been the issue. This will be conducted by using Police-supplied data that we receive for such incidents across the borough. Although some may not like the presentation of the junction and it may require time for people to get familiar with it and overcome the change, if it achieves the anticipated road safety benefits, it will be considered a successful scheme."

Saturday 8 June 2019

Excavation works at Mapledurham Playing Fields

On Monday, 10 June 2019, Kier Construction Ltd will start "vacuum excavation works along both sides of Upper Woodcote Road to establish/quantify services and depths."
Kier's letter to residents

Kier is the company constructing the new building for The Heights primary school on behalf of the DfE in the north west corner of Mapledurham Playing Fields following many consultations, an unsuccessful legal challenge and successful planning applications.

A letter from Kier has been posted to 94 homes in the immediate area notifying them of the works which "will allow the S278 design to be completed."

The letter continues:
"Implementation of the S278 works are scheduled for the early part of 2020. Date to be confirmed.
"There's also a requirement to carry out a further 4Nr x vacuum excavated holes within the car park through the week.
"The above works were scheduled for Tuesday 28 May 2019, but due to not being able to obtain a road licence the start date had to be moved back.
"It's anticipated the exploratory works will take 3 days to complete."
The second page states:
"Access and egress will always be maintained for the public using the Mapledurham Playing fields car park with a reduced number of parking spaces available. A member of Kier staff will be present on site during these works. The works will take place between 08.00 and 17.00 each day."
Kier apologies in advance for any inconvenience that the works cause.

If any residents have any concerns about these works, or for any other council-related matter, do get in touch with me: or 07717 292 003