Friday 18 December 2015

MidWeek coverage: Woodcote Way PO Campaign

The MidWeek Chronicle this week had a two page spread (top half) on my campaign to retain the dedicated post office counter in the Woodcote Way Post Office.

Unfortunately though since June several roads in the area no longer have this free newspaper delivered so lots of residents will have missed the coverage.  However I managed to get a pdf from MidWeek and here is the link

Monday 7 December 2015

Protest held outside Woodcote Way Post Office

Today over 25 residents & I congregated outside the Woodcote Way Post Office, voicing our objections to the local media about The Post Office’s proposal to do away with the shop’s dedicated post office counter.  The Woodcote Way Post Office works very well: Residents want The Post Office to just leave it alone!

As the local councillor for the area, I have been inundated with emails, letters and phone calls from residents appalled by what is deemed a short-sighted, unpopular plan.

I have just launched an online version of the petition (hard copies inside the shop on the post office counter) which you can sign here.

The Woodcote Way Post Office is well used and even with its dedicated post office counter with Satheech (the postmaster) and his wife serving, customers often have to queue as they attract a lot of business.  It seems a nonsense to do away with this dedicated post office counter.

Postal services would be moved to Conisboro Stores where all customers would have to use the one counter by the shop’s front door, whether buying groceries, newspapers, confectionery or accessing postal services.

If you would like to have your say, quote the branch code: 148939 and either fill in the online consultation or if easier email Will Russell, The Post Office’s Regional Manager at:  Please copy me in so I can update you on this campaign at:

Look out for coverage from today on: BBC South, the Reading Chronicle and GetReading. BBC Radio Berkshire covered the protest on its lunchtime news.

Thank you to everyone who came along for your support!

Sunday 6 December 2015

Save Woodcote Way's Dedicated Post Office Counter

In November I raised awareness of a consultation by The Post Office about its proposal to move post office services away from the Woodcote Way shop to Conisboro Stores.  The Post Office proposes to do away with having a dedicated post office counter and salaried Post Office Master in favour of a commission-based arrangement where all customers would use the same counter.

This issue has got everybody talking as residents cannot see any benefit in getting rid of the highly successful current arrangement at Woodcote Way.  I have been inundated with strong objections from all of the Mapledurham Ward residents* who have contacted me, including many elderly residents heavily reliant upon this local Post Office and shop.  

Such is the public outcry I have started campaigning to “Save our Woodcote Way Post Office with its dedicated post office counter”.  

How you can help:  
  1. If you are free tomorrow, Monday 7 December at 12 noon, please come along and join me at the Woodcote Way Post Office as the local press are coming to talk and take photos of objectors
  2.  If you haven’t done so already, please sign my petition which is in the Woodcote Way Post Office or alternatively the online version
  3. Lastly please respond to The Post Office’s consultation so your views can be taken into account. Scroll down to my previous post (27 November) for further details
NB The Post Office's consultation ends 8 January 2016

* The one exception was a resident who lives opposite the Woodcote Way Post Office and, understandably, he would prefer the Post Office parking to go elsewhere.