Monday 1 August 2011

Mugabe & the White African

Ben Freeth (a cousin of mine) has written Mugabe & the White African which gives far more detail than the film of the same name.  The forwards: the first by Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the second by The Archbishop of York, Dr John Sentamu, show the high regard in which Ben is held.

The book is a staggering account of Mugabe's evil regime, contrasting with Ben's solid Christian beliefs, his bravery and that of others.

Ben was awarded the MBE by the Queen last October for services to the Zimbabwean agricultural community.  His Christian conviction saved his parents-in-law's and his lives when Mugabe's mob savagely beat them in 2008.  He told the BBC's Hardtalk about the experience, a short clip of which you can watch here.

Do read his book (also available in e-book) and you will discover what life has been like for black and white Zimbabweans under Mugabe's brutal rule, as well as what a truly inspirational man Ben is.