Friday 30 September 2011

Pickles Enables Return to Weekly Collections

Today Eric Pickles, the Community Secretary, announced a quarter of a billion funding to enable authorities to return to weekly bin collections as a result of a waste review over the summer.

Authorities who believe a return to weekly collections is right for their area may bid for a share of the money as long as they can improve recycling, efficiency and procurement.

Last year, here in Reading, our local Coalition administration identified roads where fortnightly residual waste collections were most problematic primarily due to lack of storage space and/or access problems for bin men. 

We announced a consultation of the first batch of roads.  As long as the majority of residents in each road wanted a return to weekly collections we were going to provide just that.  However in May - with the support of the 2 Green councillors - Labour regained control of the Council and halted the process.

It will be interesting to see whether the Labour minority administration is prepared to listen to those residents wanting a return to weekly collections, particularly in the light of the serious rat infestations the town has suffered from this summer.