Saturday 2 June 2012

Eat Reading!

People tucking into Cuttlefish
Friday lunchtime my friend Alison Swaddle and I supported the start of this year's "Eat Reading" sampling different foods - and wines - from a range of participating restaurants including Jamie's Italian, Tampopo and Stewed!

With a plate of melt in the mouth stew

We watched Alan from Stewed! prepare a Cuttlefish (which despite its name is a molusc).  

Cuttlefish have a sack of ink which they use to help evade their predators such as dolphins, seals and sharks .  I'd never tasted one before and was surprised by its silky texture.  It did look fiddly to prepare but we enjoyed eating it.
Perks of holding the plate!

As well as trying the Cuttlefish we sampled Alan's delicious melt in the mouth beef stew.  Stewed! has a kiosk at Reading Station and if you'd like more information about how Alan started out do read the website

I paid £4 for a little lunch box of goodies including Parma ham, a slice of cheese, grissini and a special bread from Jamie Oliver's stand which was a breath of Italy.

I couldn't resist Reading College's blackcurrant pudding which was excellent value for only £1.

If you are in Reading on Saturday, "Eat Reading" continues in Broad Street and Market Place.  Newly elected Mayor of Reading Jenny Rynn will be going.  Further details are here