Monday 25 March 2013

Suspected Subsidence Highlighted by Pothole

Pothole in conned off part of  The Warren
This afternoon a Ward resident raised his concerns with me about a particularly hazardous pothole around which the road appears to be subsiding for a length of about 3 m.  It is near the end of The Warren in an area that has had problems before.

Reading Borough Council (RBC) officers were quick to respond to my phone call and follow-up email, sending out an officer to put cones along the road to warn drivers, runners and other road users.  I met the officer at about 5.30 pm whilst I was taking a look at the problem for myself.

Peter Brett Associates, who are consultant engineers to RBC, will be sending out engineers tomorrow morning to assess the situation.

I am always happy to take up concerns of residents and help get appropriate, timely action so do let me know if you spot something RBC should sort out.