Tuesday 30 April 2013

Labour's new line up

Reading’s Labour Twittersphere has broadcast nominations for the Lead Councillor roles in advance of Mayor making on 22 May.   

Three are out: Marian Livingstone, Mike Orton and Bet Tickner 

The three new are: Richard Davies, Graham Hoskin and Liz Terry 

Everybody, except Jo Lovelock, is having some change to the scope of their role

Community Involvement & Service Improvement has been ditched.  Perhaps the disgraceful prioritisation of IT equipment for councillors over decent IT equipment for the social worker team has something to do with this decision: Or maybe the Labour administration has realised (belatedly) that their “justification” was baseless rubbish.

Graham Hoskin is back on the front bench having served out his punishment for his unsuccessful leadership bid a couple of years ago.  Having had Culture & Sport before, now he has been handed Health.

Tony Jones will be Deputy Mayor again (previously having had the role in 2000), whilst his wife Liz Terry, who was elected just a year ago and hasn’t risen much in Council to speak in that time, is to cover Neighbourhoods.  Previously this had gone together with Housing but Labour has decided to split the two giving Housing to another 2012 intake, Richard Davies.

John Ennis’ role is being reduced to solely Education with Jan Gavin taking on Children’s Services & Families.

Rachel Eden has been moved to Adult Social Care replacing Mike Orton who, though his shoes are big ones to fill, his recent attendance record has not been great.

With Marian Livingstone stepping into the role as Mayor [I’m against Labour’s flouting of the traditional year as deputy before stepping up to the role of Mayor] her current lead role of Culture & Sport is being given as part of Paul Gittings’ new role of Culture & Sport & Consumer Services.  Interesting to note Labour has dropped Climate Change!

Tony Page remains as deputy leader, whilst his lead role will also cover the Environment, so will be Strategic Planning, Environment & Transport

In summary Labour's new roles & line up are as follows:

Leader of the Council (chair)                                  Jo Lovelock

Adult Social Care                                                     Rachel Eden
Children’s Services & Families                              Jan Gavin
Culture & Sport & Consumer Services                Paul Gittings
Education                                                                  John Ennis
Health                                                                       Graham Hoskin
Housing                                                                    Richard Davies
Neighbourhoods                                                      Liz Terry
Strategic Planning, Environment & Transport   Tony Page

Mayor of Reading                                                    Marian Livingstone
Deputy Mayor                                                          Tony Jones