Friday 15 August 2014

Gates on EFA's Site to Come Down

New gate which is being taken down
This morning RBC's Planning Enforcement Manager responded to my enquiry about the new 2.2 m high gates installed at the entrance to Highridge in Upper Warren Avenue.  On behalf of a ward resident I'd asked RBC's Planning Department to investigate the planning issues as a matter of urgency, as no planning permission had been sought by the EFA.

As regular readers of my blog will know, the Education Funding Agency (EFA) bought the Highridge site in June for The Heights Primary School's permanent location.  The news of the acquisition was of substantial interest to the local community, as evidenced by the hundreds who came to the meeting I held in St Andrew's Church on 17 June, chaired by Rob Wilson MP.

UPDATE: Old gates reinstated
The Enforcement Manager informed me that the new gates will be taken down by the EFA, with the original gates being reinstated.  Inside the site, Heras fencing will be erected to prevent public access for health & safety reasons.

I am pleased that the work is to be carried out imminently.  I hope residents will be reassured by RBC Planning Team's prompt investigation and the resulting actions being taken by the EFA.

I know tempers are running high with the ongoing uncertainty over the permanent location for The Heights Primary School and ask that residents try and remain civil at all times.  It is worth bearing in mind that The Heights school had nothing whatsoever to do with the installation of the gates.

UPDATE:  The old gates are back in place, the 2.2 m high green ones having been taken away.