Tuesday 16 February 2016

The Post Office's Decision for Caversham Heights

The Post Office announced today that they are ploughing ahead with their proposed move of the post office from the Woodcote Way News shop despite massive public opposition. 
Protest last year outside the Woodcote Way PO

Their press release admitted that there was “a large amount of feedback…the majority” of which “was opposed to the move of the branch from its current location”.

Through conversations with the Post Office however I’ve learnt that usually there is little opposition to such proposals.  This makes the Post Office’s decision to plough head in this case all the more surprising given the strength and number of objections mustered by my campaign - over 900 supporting my petition and 91 residents writing to me with their strong objections.  Only four Mapledurham Ward residents told me they actually supported the proposal, one of whom understandably gets fed up of people parking for the Woodcote Way shop which is by his home.

Laura Tarling from the Post Office has agreed to meet me on 24 February to discuss the decision. I will be asking her why the Post Office disregarded the robust objections and huge public opposition.  Also I’ll be pushing for the retention of the post box outside the Woodcote Way shop together with its current collection times and asking how they intend to tackle the accessibility and security issues (amongst others) raised in my detailed submission of residents’ objections.

If readers have any other specific question they would like me to put to the Post Office please email me: before the 24 February.

Thank you to everybody for supporting my campaign: I am sorry we were unsuccessful. The Woodcote Way’s dedicated post office counter will close on 21 March at 5.30 pm with the new shared counter in Conisboro Stores offering post office services opening on 22 March at 1 pm.