Friday 31 May 2019

Programme of Works to Mapledurham Playing Fields

As mentioned on my Facebook page, Reading Borough Council (RBC) officers have helpfully created an information page for residents on the council's website to update residents about the works at Mapledurham Playing Fields (MPF).

letter has been sent to 70 properties around MPF which sets out the two separate pieces of work taking place.

  • Kier Construction Ltd is building the new home for The Heights primary school on behalf of the Department for Education The letter provides the contact information for the project manager, John Hempton
  • RBC is improving the drainage and durability of the pitches so that more football can be played on MPF. This is necessary because Sports England, and by extension the Charity Commission, required that there was no loss in the ability to play football despite of the school's footprint using up over an acre of MPF
On 17 June Agripower Ltd is starting the changes to the sports pitches on behalf of RBC. In July/August the Council will also carry out works to install a new western side perimeter footpath connecting the new children's play area. This work will be enclosed by heras fencing. Prior to this the Parks department will carry out maintenance work to the vegetation along the western side of the playing fields in preparation for the footpath installation.

There is a dedicated RBC email address for all enquiries relating to the landscape improvement works which is:  Do copy me in so that I can help follow up your queries: