Monday 24 January 2022

Incident at zebra crossing on A4074

Shortly after the incident
This morning shortly before 7.30 am an incident happened at the new zebra crossing on the Upper Woodcote Road (A4074). 

I've received accounts from a couple of residents who saw the aftermath. Fortunately it appears as though nobody was injured. There was damage to two vehicles travelling in the same direction from an impact between them.

Thames Valley Police (TVP) attended the scene. They have a duty to investigate the incident. They will send their report to Reading Borough Council. In such cases the council would need to implement safety actions  TVP identifies. 

I am in contact with The Heights school as large numbers of parents and pupils use the crossing to get to and from school every day. I have had a conversation too with an RBC Highways officer.

Previously there have been calls for the pedestrian crossing to be signalised. Another request has been for the introduction of a 20mph speed limit.

I would welcome residents' views while we await the outcome of TVP's investigation. Please email me at: