Wednesday 30 November 2011

Kidmore Road Today - Two Birds with One Stone

RBC's tree gang with me, Oxfordshire countryside behind
Much of my time is spent in front of a computer or in meetings, so it was great to get out this morning to help plant a Sweet Chestnut where last season's evergreen Holm Oak hadn't taken.

Three Kidmore Road residents were pleased when we told them what we were doing, however another complained the Council should not waste its time over trees but instead sort out things like potholes. 

I asked him if he knew of any potholes nearby - he took me over to one.  Had he reported it, I asked.  He said there was no point as the Council never fixes them.  So I reported the pothole.

It is unrealistic to expect the Council to fix a pothole it is unaware of existing.  If you see one, please either get in touch with your local councillor or alternatively go to and log it to the Council yourself.

This Sweet Chestnut is the third tree I've helped plant in Kidmore Road.  As many residents know from joining the Tree Warden scheme set up by our administration last year, being involved in tree planting, caring for the town's trees and watching them grow, is thoroughly rewarding.

You can learn more about the Tree Warden scheme here