Monday 5 December 2011

It'll Cost You Nothing But You Could Save a Life

As we approach Christmas and the season of giving, please think about all the people in the UK who need life-saving blood transfusions.

Could you become a donor?  There are exclusions like if you've had hepatitis, jaundice or more obvious illnesses which wouldn't make it safe for someone else to receive your blood.  Many of the population could donate but haven't ever thought about it.

Take a couple of minutes and check out the NHS Blood & Transplant's website.  It details who, where and when.

I started donating in July 2009.  I often went past my local church hall and noticed the Blood Service but didn't realise you don't have to have an appointment - though you can book one if you prefer. 

I don't look at the needle.  It doesn't hurt and it only takes a few minutes. Reading a Kindle is perfect as easily done one-handed!  Afterwards the staff provide a free drink and biscuit and then you're free to go.

For just a few minutes of your time you could help save someone's life.  Come on, do something amazing!