Saturday 14 January 2012

Child Safety Improvement

Thanks to excellent collaborative work between Caversham Primary School's Headteacher - Ruth Perry, PCSO Karen Vaughan, Ed Hopper and me, the Council has painted yellow zig zags and "School Keep Clear" by the school's main entrance to the playground.

The new sign has been working well, improving drivers' visibility of children using Victoria Road's big gate, previously obscured by parked people movers and cars.

Safety has been an ongoing concern with several near misses when children shorter than the height of a car stepped out in front of oncoming traffic.

Conservative activist Ed Hopper & I spoke with Victoria Road residents last November establishing complete support for zig zags.  I spoke with RBC's Transport Department to find out the logistics.  Next PCSO Karen Vaughan and I met with Ruth Perry, as often Karen has witnessed the risk to toddlers and children obscured from drivers by parked cars at school pick up time and wanted to improve the situation.  Naturally the school's governing body agreed to the improvement and the paint went down just before Christmas.

Residents, parents and Ruth Perry alike are all pleased with the change.  Practically everybody is respecting it: anyone who has dared try to park there has been moved on swiftly by parents!