Tuesday 3 January 2012

Recent Events

A Happy New Year to you!  I hope you've all had a relaxing Christmas and enjoyed the holidays.  Thank you in particular to all the emergency staff who worked over the festivities, forgoing celebrations for the benefit of everyone else.

In the last few days much has happened in just a small area, mostly within Thames Ward (which I represent until May)
  • On Friday a No 22 bus was involved in a crash with a VW Polo on the Hemdean Road near the mini roundabout with Oakley Road.  Although the car driver had to be cut out of his car, thankfully neither he nor anyone on the bus was seriously injured.  One resident who heard the accident and saw the aftermath said she thought it was caused by the Polo driver failing to see the oncoming bus before pulling out of a driveway, however anyone who actually witnessed the incident should speak with the Police
  • On New Year's Eve nearby in Rotherfield Way a man was "bottled" by youths as he walked back home with his girl friend in the early hours.  According to Getreading his injuries weren't life-threatening though he needed stitches in his neck.  The youths are said to have all been white and wearing base ball hats.  If you know who they are, tell the Police: they could do it - or worse - again
  • In today's strong winds a mother and child narrowly missed being hit by a falling tree as they walked along the footpath between Surely Row (off Rotherfield Way) and Eliot Close.  RBC has said the tree will have been cleared this afternoon
  • Further trees are reported to have fallen - in Gravel Hill (now cleared) and across in Peppard Ward, a tree fell from Clayfield Copse across Kiln Road onto an unoccupied, parked vehicle (also now cleared - the vehicle is probably a write-off)