Tuesday 17 June 2014

Line up for tonight's public meeting about The Heights

There is even more interest in tonight’s meeting, 7.30 pm in St Andrew’s Church, than I had anticipated.  I hope that everyone arriving will be considerate towards the young children leaving, who will have been enjoying the “Rainbow” group in St Andrew’s hall.

The line-up of attendees for the public meeting, in no particular order, is as follows:

Kevin McDaniel -   Head of Education, Reading Borough Council (RBC)
Cllr John Ennis   -   The Labour administration’s Lead for Education, RBC
Dan Pagella         -   The Heights primary school, parent group’s land adviser
Karen Edwards   -   Head teacher, The Heights
Mark Richards    -   Chair of Governors, The Heights

The Education Funding Agency (EFA) does not send representatives to attend public meetings before it has information on which to consult, eg outline plans to share about any free school project.

To ensure transparency for the planning process, Reading Borough Council is not sending representatives from Highways nor Planning.

For health and safety reasons if the church reaches capacity, further people will not be admitted.

The church wardens have been incredibly supportive and gone to a lot of trouble to prepare for the meeting. As I was given a reduced rate to hire the church (as it is for the community) I hope you will consider making a donation towards the church's funds.  Gift Aid envelopes will be available to increase the value of your donation if you so wish.

I hope that comments and questions tonight are constructive, and that by the end of the meeting we, the local community, will be trying to work together, united in the shared goal: to deliver the primary school that a generation has needed and that generations to come will benefit from, to ensure our community thrives.