Wednesday 1 April 2015

TODAY: Public Viewing of Plans to Redevelop Arthur Clark Carehome Site

This afternoon don’t forget to pop along to St Andrew’s Hall, Albert Road, Caversham Heights, to view plans for a new extra care housing scheme for older people on the former Arthur Clark Residential Home and the Albert Road Day Centre.

Both facilities were closed down by RBC’s Labour administration despite colossal opposition from the community supported by politicians of all the other colours.  I’ve written a few posts on this which you can read here

A2 Dominion, the company selected by RBC to draw up plans for the site, is inviting local residents to view and share their opinions on the proposed plans between 3.30 and 7 pm today.

If you are unable to make it apparently questions or queries will be answered if people call 0800 432 0077 (which I believe is a Freephone number, but do double-check first).


I attended the consultation event.  Please note that although RBC's press release (from which I took my information for the above post) referred to "plans", A2 Dominion in fact displayed indicative drawings.