Friday 29 January 2016

Woodcote Way Post Office Update

Protest in December
Thank you to the nearly 1,000 residents who have signed my petition, written via email or letter, stopped me in the street or invited me in to tell me about their objections to the Post Office’s proposal to remove the dedicated post office counter from Woodcote Way.

I submitted a detailed objection listing the arguments against this flawed proposal to the Post Office in the hope that it be scrapped.  In total 903 people signed the petition (paper + electronic copies) and 91 sent me their objections by letter or email. I captured these objections in a spreadsheet which, together with the petition, I enclosed with my response. 

The Post Office is currently, as explained to me by the responsible External Stakeholder Manager, analysing the consultation responses before coming to a final decision.  Their main focus is trying to overcome accessibility issues.  I was informed that a meeting was taking place yesterday to look at the accessibility of Conisboro Stores, where postal services are proposed to go behind a shared counter.

I believe there are significant issues which cannot be overcome and I have worked hard putting together the evidence to substantiate this commonly held view.  A powerful fact is that even those for whom postal services would be much closer to their home objected because of the fundamental flaws with the proposal.

The consultation result is expected imminently and as soon as I hear I will spread the news.