Thursday 17 November 2016

"Day Burning" Street Lights

Government funding of £6.9m from the Department of Transport’s Challenge Fund is being used by Reading Borough Council towards upgrading the town’s street lights to energy efficient LED lanterns.

Here in Mapledurham Ward most recently some lanterns in Hewett Avenue, Woodcote Way, Silverthorne Drive, Fernbrook and Wincroft Roads have been upgraded.  (Columns in a good condition are not being replaced, nor lanterns which were already LED.)  

Last week I noticed and reported that lanterns in Hewett Avenue were continually on.  This was, I'm told, because the Mayflower Nodes (fixed on top of the lanterns to transmit to a Submaster which controls the on/off function and light level) needed to be connected to a Submaster. Today a Submaster was put up in the Woodcote Road which should, after 24 hours, control the new lanterns in this area.

If however you see one of these new LED lanterns shining during daylight hours after tomorrow (18 November) lunchtime, do let me know so that I can inform the council to ensure the full financial saving is made from this Government funding.