Monday 21 November 2016

Why WADRA's Committee Needs to Change its Ways

In October the Warren and District Residents’ Association (WADRA) held its AGM. Several WADRA members have asked me to publish my speech.

In summary, speaking as the Mapledurham ward councillor/chairman of the MPF Management committee/and a WADRA member myself, I made the following points including some questions:

  • WADRA’s 2002 survey of members showed 93% supported restoration of the Pavilion
  • WADRA has raised over £45,000 since 2002 to refurbish/rebuild the Pavilion
  • I believe the vast majority of WADRA members still have the shared goal of refurbishing/rebuilding the Pavilion
  • With the closure of a large part of the Pavilion (January 2016) and the delays associated with awaiting the outcome of the Education Funding Agency’s (EFA) proposal to build The Heights School on part of MPF, tempers in the community have been fraught 
  • Each and every one of us has the power to put a stop to the EFA’s proposal being divisive by accepting and respecting other people’s views; cutting out the personal insults and being polite to each other 
  • The MPF Management committee’s powers are so restricted it is unable to get on with the refurbishment as this is outside of its remit
  • There are mixed views amongst WADRA members, some for/against/undecided about the EFA’s proposal
  • WADRA’s committee however, currently is only representing the view of those opposing the proposal and therefore it is behaving like an action group: not a residents’ association
  • If WADRA is to continue it must represent the views of all its members, ie be inclusive
  • Why has WADRA’s committee unilaterally decided to withhold the fund raised money from being used to refurbish/rebuild the Pavilion if the EFA’s proposal is accepted? [See letter]
  • Surely WADRA’s committee must be prepared to work with RBC, the EFA, the school and elected members should the EFA’s proposal proceed?  If not, then many feel the time has come for this local community to set up a new residents’ association which will do so
Meantime the Pavilion continues to be battered by the weather and RBC regularly monitors its condition. This morning (21 November) I inspected the Pavilion accompanied by a Parks department officer after which a list of the latest remedial works needed was given to the Property Services department. 

The Pavilion's refurbishment remains on hold as RBC (Trustee of MPF) decided it would not spend money on this pending the outcome of the EFA's proposal.  WADRA's committee doesn't want to use the fund raised money held in its bank account until such time as RBC agrees a proposal from "Fit4All" which excludes the school from being built on part of MPF.

However our community urgently needs the refurbishment/rebuilding of the Pavilion to recommence and a decision on the EFA's proposal to be made.