Tuesday 20 April 2021

Site visit inside The Heights' new building at Mapledurham Playing Fields

On Friday 16 April John Hempton, Kier's Project Manager, kindly showed me around The Heights primary school's new building at Mapledurham Playing Fields.

Pavilion's car park reopened to public 19 April

The Pavilion's car park has been transformed. Though not completely finished, it looks amazing. As of Monday 19 April the majority of it was reopened to the public, so everyone can see for themselves. It is being block paved - a huge contrast to the old, pot-holed, uneven surface! 

It also serves as what is known as a SuDS (a sustainable urban drainage system) meaning rain drains straight through it.

View from 1st floor room of the Main Hall
Standing outside the hoardings around the school's site, you simply can't get an accurate spatial awareness. However once inside the school's grounds, the space is astonishing. 

Even though the school is a few weeks away from completion, I could sense what a wonderful building it will be for our west Caversham community. It's amazingly spacious, especially when you consider its small footprint. 

The southern staircase benefits from great views of the playing fields, as does the wonderful main hall. It feels fantastic. It has a dramatic high ceiling with expansive, south-facing windows and doors out towards the playing fields. You can get a bird's eye view of the main hall from a first floor room which gives a great alternative perspective. What a contrast from the temporary buildings!

One of the classrooms
The impressive kitchen units are in situ next to the hall and the serving area is coming together. The lift is to be installed imminently, the floors are all prepped, classrooms are being approved for painting and the multi-use games area (MUGA) is being started on this week. It is all coming together so quickly now. 

It was lovely hearing John's enthusiasm for what he and his team are delivering. He reckons the school will blow the children's minds and he's not wrong. They are going to absolutely love it.