Monday 5 April 2021

Know who vandalised trees on Mapledurham Playing Fields?

On Easter Day, did you see two trees being vandalised on Mapledurham Playing Fields? If you did, please report the culprits to Thames Valley Police.

The Liquid Amber specimens are part of the tree-lined avenue footpath leading across Mapledurham Playing Fields to the Pavilion. Council officers had painstakingly planted the trees in perfect alignment for everyone's enjoyment. Especially in Autumn, the avenue was designed to create a stunning landscape feature with the leaves turning orange and crimson. 

It is highly unlikely the vandalised trees can be saved as the trunks have been completely severed and they were coming into leaf, but I will double-check tomorrow with the council's tree officers.

Replacement trees will probably have to wait until at least November when trees are dormant again.

The moronic, criminal damage is incredibly upsetting. I hope the imbeciles are caught and punished.

UPDATE: A resident says there were some loud girls and boys on MPF at about midnight on Easter Day creating a disturbance. Does anyone else have more information please?

Dog owners watch out - I've had a separate report of broken glass on MPF. I haven't been told the location yet but will update when I do. I'll be asking the Parks Department to try and pick up the broken glass as soon as possible to avoid any injuries to dogs or residents.