Saturday 9 April 2022

Additional roadworks in Caversham

I received the following from RBC Streetworks Friday evening 8th April:

Additional information relating to Temporary Traffic Regulation Order (TTRO) - Instalcom works around Church Road/Church Street Caversham


Further to the information provided earlier this week relating to the progression of works being carried out by Instalcom around Church Road and Church Street, Caversham.  I regret to inform you of two further emergency works notified to the Streetworks Team that are impacting on the immediate area around Church Road and Church Street Caversham.


Thames Water are addressing an active leak within the current Instalcom site in Church Road.. I understand a specifically designed clamp has been ordered and will be fitted Saturday morning (9 April).  I have received communication from Instalcom confirming for reasons of safety, this added emergency work will unfortunately prevent the traffic management from being temporarily relocated this weekend as planned.  The site continues to be under Instalcom’s traffic management and the temporary signals manually controlled 7am-7pm daily, including weekends. 


Thames Water are also addressing emergency repairs to a burst on a 6” main within the carriageway in Prospect Street.  To allow works to be carried out safely the permanent signals on the junction of Prospect Street, Peppard Road, Henley Road and Westfield Road have been switched out and replaced with temporary signals.  Thames Water are aware of the impact this second emergency site will have on the immediate area and have confirmed these temporary signals will also  be managed under manual control 7am -7pm daily including this weekend and whilst these works have been Noticed until Thursday 14 April,  they will endeavour to complete works as soon as possible and switch on the permanent signals.


The Streetworks Team are  aware of the impact these additional unforeseen emergency works will have on the Network and we wish to assure you we continue close and frequent communications with both Utilities and will pursue the lifting of any unnecessary traffic management at the earliest opportunity, when safe to do so.