Thursday 7 April 2022

Update on City Fibre's road works in Caversham

Here is an update on the Caversham roadworks commissioned by CityFibre, on which I've reported before, to install full fibre network.

Failure of temporary lights - if out of hours - call me on 07717 292 003 and I will report it direct to the management company's out of hours number. Alternatively, call Reading Borough Council's call centre via: 0118 9373737 and they will ring the management company.

Ongoing works

At the beginning of this week, the left hand filter for vehicles coming north over Caversham Bridge (towards the Griffin Pub) was meant to be opened back up. However because of damage caused by vehicles to the existing permanent signals - which will require immediate work to fix/replace the poles and heads - this did not happen.

To avoid the risk of any revisits needed here a Council Highways officer has told me their signal contractors will be carrying out these repairs today (7th April) but will require the filter lane to remain closed to complete this safely.

It is important they action this as soon as possible so the permanent signals can be fully operational and in safe working order upon completion of these works.

The filter lane should be reopened before close of play tomorrow, 8th April.

I have asked the Council to put out communications regarding the works in Caversham as they have a PR Department.