Sunday 19 June 2011

Lollipop Person Needed

Due to the Oakley/Kidmore Road lollipop lady's relocation abroad, a replacement lollipop person is needed by Caversham Primary School.

In June 2009 local parents supported by Rob Wilson MP, Cllr Richard Willis and me, campaigned for improvements to children's safety at the junction.  We asked the Council to introduce a school crossing patrol.  You can read the Reading Post's coverage here.

Two parents addressed TMAP, the Council's transport committee, reinforcing the message that urgent action was needed.  As a result of the campaign, funding was given for the installation of signs and flashing lights, together with a salary for a term-time lollipop person.

If you are interested, please apply by 30 June to this job advert.  Do pass this on to anyone else who may like to do this very rewarding community job.