Thursday 8 March 2012

Playground Fun & Safety

This afternoon PCSO Karen Vaughn and I took up Caversham Primary School's invitation to be interviewed by Year 3 children.  The idea came about as a result of the yellow zig zag lines Karen & I helped the school lobby the Council for last year.

We sat in the sunny playground with the pupils taking turns to approach us.  They worked in threes: the first in charge of a microphone (which doubled as a recording device); the second looking after a clip board with their pre-prepared questions; and the third asking their questions.  The Deputy Headmistress watched from a distance, giving encouragement and keeping an eye out to make sure everything ran smoothly.

To begin with the children were a little shy, but soon they relaxed and got into their roles as budding reporters!  They asked intelligent questions about safety which Karen and I answered as best we could.  The children listened very carefully to our replies.  One girl stood out in particular because she put into her own words what she thought I had said to ensure she'd understood me.  An extremely useful technique whether she wants to become a reporter – a teacher or even a Member of Parliament in years to come!

Although the topic was a serious and important one, both Karen and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves - and by the look of it so did the delightful pupils.