Monday 27 January 2020

Community Speedwatch in Upper Woodcote Road

I'd like to thank Thames Valley Police, in particular PCSO Lauren Jerrom, for organising today's Community Speedwatch operation on the A4074. I'd also like to thank the 4 local residents who came along with me to help support the police.

Speeding along the 30 mph-restricted Upper Woodcote Road near the borough boundary is common place. Even though 8 of us were in high viz jackets near the camera, we caught 38 vehicles exceeding 33 mph in only about 45 minutes.

The 38 vehicles included:
* 26 vehicles travelling between 34 and 39 mph
* 11 vehicles travelling 40 mph and over
* Top speed recorded was 47 mph
* Some were commercial drivers, eg heavy lorries and vans

UPDATE: This evening I've been sent Thames Valley Police's official figures
Number of vehicles captured = 83
20 x vehicles travelling 35+ mph = 24%
23 x vehicles travelling between 31-34 mph = 28%
Top speed 46 mph

PCSO Lauren Jerrom has organised a series of Community Speedwatch operations across Caversham.

Do get in touch with me (or, if you live outside Mapledurham Ward, one of your local ward councillors) to get involved. You can also make suggestions of speeding hot spots to be considered for future operations.