Friday 31 January 2020

Community working party to tackle MPF's muddy paths

Over recent months, due to the reduced area of Mapledurham Playing Fields being open to the public - as well as the heavy rainfall - areas of high footfall have become very muddy. This has led to a couple of falls on the slippery surface which is putting residents off from walking here.

To date, although I've managed to get Reading Borough Council to put down a large amount of wood chippings, due to access problems and the very wet/soft ground conditions, the council have been unable to get a vehicle onto the fields to deliver and cover the remaining muddy areas.

I'd hoped the council were going to be able to do some today, but since they weren't, I've organised tomorrow's event, hence apologies for the short notice. Please see the poster to the right-hand side for details which you can download here.

If you are able and willing, do come along and help. It will be great to get the job done!

A Chazey Road family are donating wood chippings they no longer need which is fantastic, especially since the council's supply has run out.

The Friends of Mapledurham Playing Fields are supporting and also kindly insuring the event, which has enabled council officers to give me the go ahead.

Thanks to everyone who is helping make this happen.