Tuesday 21 April 2020

Plea from Thames Water + Green Waste Collections Re-starting

Thames Water are pleading with residents to put 'non-disposables' in the bin rather than down the toilet.
Bin wet wipes, kitchen roll and tissues: don't flush them!

"One of the unfortunate impacts of COVID-19 is that we are seeing an increase in blockages in our sewer networks, as people doing extra cleaning or who have had problems buying toilet tolls are flushing non-biodegradable alternatives, such as kitchen roll or antibacterial wipes. This is creating problems in our sewers which can result in sewage backing up into people’s homes or polluting the environment."

Welcome news for gardeners is that Reading Borough Council's green waste collections will be re-starting from w/c 27 April. The annual charge will run from this date.

Green waste collections had been suspended on 27 March because the council wanted to ensure grey and red bin collections were prioritised despite staff shortages due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Excess garden waste will not be collected: only that presented in the green wheelie bins or bags provided.

To sign up for the green waste service visit fill in this form