Friday 20 May 2011

Is Labour doing a U-turn on Free Schools?

I welcome Free Schools. If there is the local energy and enthusiasm to form one, it follows that there is a local deficiency of decent education in the area. Often in life the things worth fighting for are the most rewarding.

I was interested to read this in the Telegraph - hence the title of my post. Education of tomorrow's adults is a huge responsibility; one that shouldn't be tarnished by the foisting of personal or political agendas. Surely the common aim is to excite, motivate & challenge the next generation: To do otherwise is a disservice and potential barrier to liberating their minds and ambitions?

As I've said before, I believe personal excellence and achievement should be celebrated. I don't mean necessarily that someone has to be, for example, the best long-jumper (though I'd celebrate this achievement): I appreciate that for each young person - whether they are in a special needs school or main stream setting - the right encouragement and teaching can help an individual make amazing, life-changing leaps forward.

Whether you are a governor, teacher, politician or parent, our responsibility is to try to find and deliver the best education for each and every child. If there's the local need and the desire, of course we should work together and deliver a Free School, no matter what our own political beliefs.