Thursday 19 May 2011

Save Our Grammar Schools

In the news today has been Rob Wilson MP's press release about defending Reading's two excellent grammar schools (which have recently become academies).

My friend and ex-councillor for Park Ward, Wazir Hussain, has posted on this here.

I went to my local comprehensive. Sadly the good headteacher retired after I'd been there for just 1 year. After him, the culture inhibited celebrating success. You kept quiet about good results. It wasn't until sixth form, when I went to a private school, that I saw a complete culture change and any success was celebrated big time.

A friend of mine has a couple of girls at Kendrick. She's told me that the culture is very much on celebrating achievement. I wouldn't wish for anything to jeopardise this.

Like Wazir & Rob, I too would welcome greater Reading designated areas for Kendrick and Reading Academies. For pupils with substantial commutes, they cannot possibly get or give to the school as much as a local pupil.

When these two top UK schools are performing so superbly it does seem very misguided for 10 people to try and dumb them down.