Friday 20 April 2012

Local Election Launch

Conservative Group Leader Tim Harris & Candidates for Reading Borough Council's Local Elections
 We have launched our Manifesto for the Local Elections on 3rd May with a pledge to freeze Council Tax again next year and hold a referendum on an elected Executive Mayor for Reading.

Further significant commitments are to switch to 'all out elections' every four years; to work for a direct rail link from Reading to Heathrow; to increase funding for tree planting; to implement a major bike-hire scheme; and to provide more primary and secondary school places across the borough.

Our Manifesto also highlights key successes from the year when the Conservatives led the Council in coalition with the Lib Dems.  These include: increasing the funding given to the voluntary and community sector; stopping the funding of Trade Union officials from Council Tax; new grants to the Gurkha community and to the African Caribbean community in order to reopen the Central Club; freezing of town centre short-term car park charges and freezing all parking charges in Caversham and Tilehurst; doubling of cycle parking in the town centre; and the doubling of apprenticeships and foster carers.

Recently appointed Group Leader, Cllr Tim Harris, said "This is an exciting and radical Manifesto building on our successful year in control of Reading.  We pressed for the freeze in Council Tax delivered this year but fear what Labour plans to do next year when there are no local elections.  Only the Conservatives are pledged to deliver another freeze in Council Tax next year.  If the people of Reading want a Council committed to quality services and best value for every Pound spent, they should vote Conservative on 3rd May."

You may download our Manifesto here