Saturday 16 February 2013

30 Years Service at The Avenue School!

Jenny with Symon
It isn't often someone achieves 30 years of service, but that is what we celebrated with Jenny Hood at The Avenue School yesterday.

Jenny is a wonderful character, loved by all. Over her 3 decades at the school she has risen through the ranks and now is the Performing Arts Manager.

A party was laid on in the school's Square to celebrate her landmark achievement, catered for by members of staff with Jenny's family, ex-colleagues and friends, some current staff and me as her guests.

Symon Cooke, Assistant Head Teacher, took everybody back in time to Jenny's little known TV appearance on Crackajack. To everybody's great amusement Jenny relived the experience by answering an Avenue School-themed Crackerjack quiz.  It was no surprise though that she aced the Royals questions as she is a loyal Royals fan!
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For readers info, I'm the chairman of governors at The Avenue Special School.  Anyone coming through the doors cannot help but be impressed as the pupils and staff have an incredibly positive outlook on life and put all their energy into making the most of every day.  The building is fantastic too, though it is worth noting the school achieved its "outstanding" Ofsted rating at the old site before relocating to its current state-of-the-art premises in Conwy Close.