Saturday 16 February 2013

Traffic Disruption in Reading

Over the next week severe disruption to traffic will be caused by road works in Reading.

This & next weekend Vastern Road will be closed in one direction which today has greatly impacted traffic over Caversham & Thames Bridges, as well as round the IDR.  Further details are available on RBC's website.  You will be best off on foot or two wheels if you want to get over one or other bridge!

From Monday part of Friar Street will be closed for up to 5 days.  The section between Greyfriars and Station Road will have emergency repairs to the damage caused by the wet weather, snow and ice.  Buses will be diverted.  Information on locations of temporary bus stops can be found at the bottom of RBC's page.  Friar Street should reopen late on Friday 22nd February.